Staycation at Lazy 5 Ranch

Middle feeding animalsThis summer instead of taking our annual beach trip we decided to do a few day trips around North Carolina.  With mom being 7 months pregnant and money not growing on trees yet this was an easy decision.  Our first day trip led us to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC.

My expectations were pretty low going into the trip.  I’ve been to the zoo in Ashboro and no private collection of animals could top that.  I was pleasantly proven wrong as soon as we pulled into the front gate of the ranch.  All sorts of animals greeted us on the drive up to the head office.  When you have to stop in the drive way for emus and llamas to cross you know you are in for a treat.

We had just come through some torrential downpours in Salisbury that we thought was going to put our trip on hold.  As soon as we pulled in the clouds broke and the parking lot was empty.  We went up to the office/gift shop and purchased our tickets for the tour through the ranch.  Great price by the way, check their site for the rates.

I would highly recommend the horse drawn wagon ride over driving your own vehicle through the ranch.  You can really get up close with the animals on the wagon!  You also get great commentary from the wagon driver on the animals and some great information.

mooWe saw some great animals and turf wars.  You can purchase a bucket of feed for the animals as your riding through.  This is a must!  When are you ever going to get to feed a giraffe or Watusi cow?

They also have a playground, ice cream shop, walk through petting zoo, horse barn and blacksmith shop on the ranch.  I highly recommend giving the Lazy 5 Ranch a visit.

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