Caught Blue Handed

blueWe ate at my parents house last night for my upcoming 30th birthday.  3B was being squirmy in his high chair so I finally let him down.  He wandered around the kitchen begging for food until I was alerted that 3B was in the corner trying to use the bathroom.  I called for him and told him to go to the bathroom with me.  He has an incentive of a bubble bath if he poops on the potty so he was eager.

We went in the bathroom and his eyes immediately locked on to the blue toilet bowl attachment on their toilet.  He said his most common phrase of the month “wats dat” over and over again.  After I explained to him I sat him on the toilet.  We didn’t have a little butt adapter for the big toilet seat so he was already out of sorts.  He pooped in the potty and all was well.  I took him off to put a new diaper on wash his hands.

He his standing there with his pants around his ankles and a big smile because he knows he is getting a bubble bath tonight.  Next thing I know he is peeing in their floor.  I start to laugh and put him back on the toilet to finish.  I run into the kitchen to get some paper towels and leave him with the instructions not to move.

I come back into the bathroom and find him on the toilet saying “uh oh, oh no, blue” repeatedly.  He had been playing with the blue toilet cleaner attached to the toilet bowl.  I can’t help but to bust out into laughter.  There I am cleaning up tidy bowl and pee.  Hey, at least he pooped in the potty and knew the color blue!!

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