Letting Go

gavynnbI read once that as a newly married women you should decide on a household chore that you would not do in your marriage. The author explained that this was in order to establish with  you spouse some sort of limits.  Kinda like this, “Honey I’ve decided that I will not clean the toilets in this marriage, if you want them clean you’ll have to do it yourself”.  I did not do this when I got married but after looking back over the years I’ve realized that I have unintentionally done a form of this after having each of our first three blessings. First you have to know that I can be a little obsessive about some things in life cleanliness and orderliness, among other things.  That being said some things just have to give a little when you add in, well,  kids.

coopernbAfter 1B was born I decided I would no longer iron.  This is why all of my husband’s clothes have a “wrinkle free” tag on the inside. So with a very few exceptions over the years weddings, funerals, etc.  I have in fact, not ironed.

After 2B was born I decided I could no longer schedule monthly hair appointments.  This takes a bit of explanation.  I am not high maintenance, but I have difficult hair.  It is naturally curly and needs regular attention especially if I want to wear it straight.  Now, my appointments come maybe once every 6 months and I have curly hair most of the time.


After 3B was born I stopped washing dishes by hand and started using the dish washer.  Was this because we acquired a dish washer around that time?  No, this was because I had always looked at a dish washer as double work.  First you spend time rinsing the dishes and loading the washer, then you have to come back at a later time to put them away.  My thoughts changed and I now use the dish washer nightly.

emorynbIn reflection I never really wanted to let go of these things, but I think it was God’s way of helping me realize that these things were not important.  And, if you know me at all you know that this is not a lesson that comes easily for me.  Did I mention I can be a bit obsessive about things?  So as my newest blessing is nearing 2 weeks old I ask, what will I let go of this time?  Will I stop mopping the floor after each meal?  Or will it be cleaning the windows every week?  Whatever it is I will gladly (eventually) give it up because my blessing have always been worth it and always will.

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