Why do we homeschool?

Ironically enough, I don’t ever recall being asked this question.  Maybe people don’t want to come across as nosy, maybe considering where we live and how our public schools rank in the nation they feel no need to ask, or more than likely, they just assume that it is for religious reasons.  It’s well enough though because if I had to answer this question the person asking would soon wished they had never asked.   The simple answer is there are many reasons.  The main reason is, this is what God has called our family to do.

Today I watched my husband at the kitchen table teaching our two oldest blessings.  He gets four weeks of paternity leave, which is  another blessing all on it’s own.  They were doing math.  B2 was extremely excited to correctly answer a very loong math problem and promptly came over to tell me.  All the while B1 was finishing his math and came over to give a little love to our newest blessing.  B3 was sitting in the floor making bridges with a book to run his cars over, B2 eventually joined in to help.  It was at this moment I realized that this is yet another reason we homeschool.  We were all together, the kids were obviously learning and not just math.  They were learning life lessons that you simply can’t recreate in a classroom.

So, go ahead, ask me why we homeschool because I could go on for days!


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