Beaufort, NC 2004

B2_BeaufortFive years ago, this past summer we took a trip to Beaufort (Bo – furt), NC for a few days.  We enjoyed a boat tour of the Intercoastal Waterway around Beaufort taking in the beautiful waterfront and the Shackleford Banks Wild Horses.  The historic waterfront has some great restaurants and shops.  The boys loved all the boats in the marinas.  The North Carolina Maritime Museum is in Beaufort and is well worth the trip if you are at all interested in boats or coastal history.

While we were walking along the waterfront admiring the yachts tied along the docks B2 kept falling behind.  The walkway had been paved with concrete with small pebbles scattered across the top in the concrete.  B2 was insistent that he was going to pick the rocks out of the walkway.  We had to stop close to a hundred times to explain to him that he could not pick up the rocks!

We have been to this area many times, but this trip will always hold special memories.  I hope we can get back soon!

2 thoughts on “Beaufort, NC 2004

  1. I love B2’s expression and can almost read his thoughts. “Please don’t tell me again. I am going to get one of these rocks for my pocket.”

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