Ready, Set……

Funny how God gives you selective amnesia about things, huh?  For example, do you remember how you dearly loved the family event of Christmas decorating as a child or do you remember how it always ended with dad arguing with those darn strings of lights and mom at her wits end telling everyone to “go away while I finish myself”?  The same could be said for the miracle of childbirth and the loveliness of the “terrific twos”.  I for one seem to forget about the “me, me, me,” part of the twos yet always remember how darn cute they sound with phrases like; “I wike froogs” or “me go too”.  And how about life with a newborn?  Yes, I remember the oh-so-cute noises, stares, and just the overall “ahhh” feeling you get when holding a sleeping newborn.


And then they wake up and real life begins and you actually have to get stuff done other than holding said newborn while they sleep, and that’s where we are.  This is how it usually goes.  B4 is full and starts to nod off to sleep, I put her down and then begins the race.  What race you ask, the race to get everything done that I can before she wakes again and ensues with her heartbreaking wail.  We do this on and off all day long.  Of course I could wear her in her wrap which is where she really wants to be, but then she would literally sleep all day long and that’s no good for anybody.  So for now we are in this marathon we call the newborn stage (someone please remind me how long this lasts).  Thank you God for your many blessings (and for the ability to feed baby and fold clothes at the same time). 🙂

On another note, check out these photos of my boys working oh-so-hard on the new and much anticipated clubhouse.



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