A new color in the house…PINK

Week three and all is well!  It has been nice seeing our little bundle of pink around the house.  I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything but pink, ok maybe purple.  We are getting used to seeing this new shade of red.  Everyone is adjusting well so far.  B3 has grown up in a matter of hours it seems.  He is gravitating more to his brothers copying their every word and only a couple steps behind.  He still enjoys quiet playtime to himself during school though.  B1 loves to hold B4, as long as she doesn’t start to cry.  He is out of there if she starts to make any noise.


B3 likes to read while the boys are in school.  Here he is reading one of my favorite books 🙂  And he is wearing a “Meet the Eagles”  shirt, not a dress in this picture!


I’m not sure if I put babies to sleep or they put me to sleep, but the end result is always the same!  This is bonding time.  B3 has been enjoying this bonding time with me at 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning on the couch lately.  When he starts crying I’ll grab him and go the living room until it is time to get up.  This morning we made our way to the couch and he was repeating “tweevee”.  I told him to get me the remote and he came back with the phone.

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