It's a man thang

As I write this post tonight B4 and myself are all alone.  That’s right there is not one male in our house.  Why on earth would everyone leave us alone tonight you ask, well they have important man business to attend to.  They are camping out in our backyard.  Sound fun?  Not to me. As much as I love the outdoors, when it’s bedtime you will find me tucked happily in my bed.  My boys understand this, although I’m afraid I may have led them to the unfair conclusion that all girls feel this way.  Tonight I overheard B1 and 2 explaining to B3 that girls don’t sleep outside and they don’t like to sleep with bugs.  Well so-be-it, one day their wives will thank me.  So, I happily hugged and kissed all of my brood as they, sleeping bags in hand, trekked out to the backyard tonight.  As with many things I discovered over the last seven years, I think it’s a man thang.


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