Laptop down, Laptop down

It all started last Thursday when Casey was complaining that the power cord on her laptop wasn’t plugging in all the way.  I figured it was just loose or something wasn’t making a good connection.  When I went over to look at the adapter sure enough it wouldn’t go all the way into the laptop.  I took the adapter out and saw the very tip of the adapter had broken off and I assumed it was still in the laptop.

Now I have installed and repaired over 1,000 of these laptops and never seen this problem before.  I looked it up on the Google and apparently it is a common problem.  The end of the adapter, which is just a little bigger than a needle head, breaks off and gets lodged inside the power port.  I found a few solutions that people had tried in the past, but no one ever got them to work.  And neither did I.  They involved super glue, toothpicks, and safety pins.  Macgyver could make a bomb with those tools and I can’t even extract a piece of metal!


Looks like I can get a part off of eBay to repair the laptop.  I will have to totally tear apart the laptop and take some parts off the logic board.  Sounds Fun!  Enjoy these pictures from years past, about 6 years ago,  in our first house with Casey and B1 computing.


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