Our To-Do List

As David mentioned in yesterday’s post I’m working on a borrowed laptop today, one who’s keys aren’t as clicky as mine I’m just now noticing, hum, I like clicky keys.  Anyway, his post got me to thinking about all of the other things in and around our house that aren’t exactly working at their full ability.  No, this isn’t going to be a rant about things not getting fixed around the house, it’s actually kinda funny when you think about it.  Although that in no way lets you off the hook, honey.

First up we have the toilet paper holder in our bathroom. It’s kind of a Pandora’s box.  To truly fix this recurring problem you would probably have to tear down a wall and build it back, okay maybe it’s not that bad but close.  Next we have our moaning toilet.  The sound that the toilet makes after you flush it has been described many ways my personal favorite being a dying cow.  Then we have a problem that we had all intentions of fixing the moment we moved in this house….3 years ago.  Yes the gate to our fence, it doesn’t latch at all.  What good is a fence that you can’t close, not much we’ve discovered over the 3 years.  Doesn’t keep a dog in, want keep a stray cat in that my kids really wanted to play with, and certainly won’t keep a child in.  I’m stopping here because I know that it’s not just us that has this problem.  My mother-in-law could attest to that, since she uses pliers instead of a knob to turn on her crock-pot.  I’m not sure if and when these things will ever have their day to get fixed.  But there is one thing I’m pretty sure of and that is that heaven will not have moaning toilets or broken gates and that makes me happy!

The picture today of me and B1 at the beach a few years ago is unrelated, I’m just trying to hold on to summer.  🙂


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