Car School

One thing I love about homeschooling is the great flexibility we have.  Here is a quick rundown of our day today.  David and I were up early for exercise and showers, boys were up by 7:00 am.  B1 fixed breakfast for everyone (yogurt parfaits), one load of clothes in, then everyone to the car.  Stopped by Captain D’s by 9:00 am and spent $50.00 on a used baby swing, not seafood.  I was wedged between B1 and B2 in the back of the van teaching math.  Next off to Human Resources at Elon, still trying to inform all insurance companies of our newest blessing and that they do in fact have to pay for her.  Boys were still working on their math sheet, almost done.  One more stop in Elon then off to Target for new hair clippers.  B2 finished up math and into Target we went.  Picked up a birthday present, hair clippers, and a belated birthday present for my dear husband.  Back in the car, we started language arts and managed to finish before we got back to our exit.  After we got home, diaper changes,  more clothes in the washer and dryer and then off to the following: reading, art, science, history, and our novel.  At last school was over and it was only 12:00.  Ahhhhh.  After lunch David went to play golf, I and everyone else went to visit my parents after stopping by the city office for B1 to go in and pay a bill.  B1 helped my dad mow the yard, B4 dozed as he took his turn on the riding lawn mower, and B2 fed the fish at the creek.  Now we’re back home and it’s quiet time and surprisingly enough everyone is quiet.  On tap for the afternoon is a roof on the clubhouse, supper, and some family time.

So school in the car seemed to work just fine.  It’s not something I want  to do everyday, but for today it was good.  A big plus was everyone was strapped to a seat, Hum, now that’s something to consider.  🙂

This was another fun school day last year, homeschool field day.  B1 has his daddy’s strange hopping ability



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