Pet Sitting Chi Chi

I had almost forgotten about this until I came across this picture while looking for something to post tonight.  A few years ago over the Christmas Holiday a friend of mine at work traveled to Peru.  He asked me if I thought the boys would want to take care of his pet hamster Chi Chi while he was gone.  I told him sure, I knew they would enjoy it.

We got him home and everything was great.  The boys loved to take it out in the ball and let it run around the house.  Then came the first incident.  “Daddy there is some butter on the floor”, shouted B2.  Why in the world is there butter on the living room floor?!?  It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that it was from Chi Chi.  Yes hamster urine looks like butter, according to the boys.

A few days later we were getting more brave with Chi Chi, letting it out to run around and over B2.  I think it was Christmas Eve or Christmas Day we returned home from visiting family and I went in to check on Chi Chi.  Oh dear Lord, what has happened to this thing!!!  It had ballooned to almost five times the original size.  I start yelling for Casey to come in and look at the thing.  I thought I was going to have to stick a pin in to deflate it.  I knew for sure this thing wasn’t going to make it and my friend was going to be mad!

After the initial panic I started looking closer at the gerbil.  It looked like it had stuff packed in it’s cheeks.  I watched it for a few minutes and it was eating it’s house and storing the material in it’s cheeks.  I started to calm down a little and after a few hours Chi Chi was back to normal, thank goodness.

After that incident everything was smooth and thankfully the hand off back to Chi Chi’s owner went well.  I told him about the incident and he laughed and said yeah they do that.  What!  Why didn’t you tell me?  I almost had a heart attack over nothing.  haha!

I leave you with this picture of the boys and Chi Chi.  Doesn’t the thumbs up give you a sense of confidence?  And no, we are not available to babysit your pet.  Sorry, no exceptions 🙂


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