The Saturday Funny Papers

In an effort to help everyone have a great weekend, enjoy these bits of humor.

First off dialogue with B2 this morning while he was helping to fill my Aqua Globes that water my houseplants.

Me: “Please go get me the plant watering thingies so I can fill them up.”

B2: “You mean the Aqua Globes mamma, they make great gifts or you can use them to create your own masterpiece.”

Yes, he really does memorize commercials and I’m not even sure that he does it on purpose they just seem to stick.

Next, my dear husband made an effort to fix the toilet paper holder problem today.  The solution included spackling two large holes in the wall.  So far only two of our three mobile children have stuck their fingers in the wet spackle, but the day is still young.

Lastly if you haven’t seen any of this guy’s stuff you’re really missing out.  Be sure to check out the ones about a home school family, Chick-fil-A, and church.

Of course what is a post without photos, here are some that we took yesterday.


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