Hi Ho, Back to Work I Go

The day has finally come.  The day I have to return to work.  My employer offers a paid 20 day paternity leave so I’ve been home since the birth of B4 on August 11th.  I taught for a couple of weeks which was a big blessing.  It also helped to see what a typical day is like while I’m at work.

This month has reinforced some priority choices that we have made and it will be hard leaving the family to go back to work.  I will be off to our weekly Monday morning meeting after the rounds of hugs and kisses from everyone.  My body will be at work, but my mind will be at home.  What are they learning in math?  How is B2’s handwriting going today?  What is Knut up to in the Time Travelers?

Casey and I haven’t spent this much time together in forever.  I will miss her the most.  I know it sounds like I’m leaving to go to the other side of the world, but I’m not.  Sometimes it feels like it though.  We all get caught in those days when you feel like you and your spouse are two passing ships in the night.  Those days turn into weeks that turn into months.

I will work on making the most of the time that I do have at home with the boys and the girls!

We did make a big purchase, for us at least, while I was out.  We bit the bullet and bought a Digital SLR camera.  Most of the pictures that are on here have been taken with our new Nikon.  Casey has been sucked into photo editing with Photoshop and the results have been great.  We can justify the purchase with all the money we will save on going and getting our pictures made.  Now I just wish we could go back in time and take pictures of the boys when they were younger and all the trips we have taken!

I leave you with this, our attempt with a backdrop 🙂



One thought on “Hi Ho, Back to Work I Go

  1. I’ll be praying for you as you go back to work today – and for Casey and the kids as well.

    Casey might need one of those coffee thingies that she loves from Sheetz when you come home from work today. 🙂

    You did great tonight, by the way. Can’t wait for Wednesday night’s message!

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