Pacifiers, Hills, Biscuits, and Grandparents

This is my version of Mind Dump Monday please ignore any incomplete thoughts, it’s been a long day.

1.  Today we retrieved a pacifier from our oven, yes the oven was on, no nobody got hurt, and yes Nuk pacifiers seem to be fairly oven proof.

2.  After telling B2 in a somewhat agitated voice that the answers to his math problems were not written on the trees outside that he kept staring at, I was told by B1 that my attitude was sliding downhill, um yeah more like plummeting.

3.  B1 wanted to help with supper so I told him we were making biscuits.  He went to the refrigerator and asked were the can was.  Homemade biscuits I proclaimed to him, so he opened the freezer and said “where’s the bag”.

4.  Why do cloth diapers only come in quantities of 3 or 5 when we need like 20 of them?

5.  Darn Adam and the whole apple debacle, life would be easier with David at home and not work.

6.  Yes we managed, yes it was a good day, and yes with God’s help we will get up and do it all again tomorrow.  🙂

On another note yesterday was Grandparents Day.  I would like to take a moment to thank our parents (our kids grandparents) for all that they do for us.  We are blessed to have them all so close by and that they all have a desire to be such a big part of our kids lives.  You are a true blessing to us.

And to change it up again.  Here is the cutest picture of my niece at her 2nd birthday party this weekend.  swingbandw

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