The family is going green, sort of

B1 & B2 were talking about saving energy over lunch Sunday.  B2 mentioned the sink that was at the hospital that you turned on with your foot.  It had a little pedal on the floor you stepped on to turn the water on.  I must be dense or sheltered because I had never seen these and stood perplexed at the sink waiting for the water to come out.  B1 said that it would save a lot of electricity by using your foot to turn it on.  I told him you didn’t save any electricity by turning it on with your foot.  He quickly responded with, “Well, at least you save handpower”.  I told him God gave him two and he could spare the energy.

Fast forward later on that night I had to use some of B1’s logic for myself when asked why I never push my chair into the table.  “I’m just trying to save handpower, honey”  Love ya!

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