cookingI love looking at old pictures so I was excited to have a turn at a wayback Wednesday post. This photo, taken about three years ago, jumped out at me for a number of reasons.  First of all, how cute are these kids!  I can honestly say there is only one person that I know that would go to the trouble of making these personalized chef outfits, grandma and her artsy self (names are blurred but they are there).  Secondly, notice the doorknob cover on the door.  Yep, it was necessary to keep those cute buggers in the house.  Thirdly, I desperately miss our kitchen in that home.  I had plenty of cabinet room and a nice big pantry.  Big enough in fact to house that massive bottle of vegetable oil that, considering I hardly ever use vegetable oil, was certain to last us quite a while.  Lastly I smile when I think about life with two toddlers, wow that was a different world, and though it was tough at times it was a simpler time.  That was a time when we were done having kids, we loved our boys and that was enough.  But, God soon changed our minds and now I can’t imagine life with only two kids.

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