2 Injuries and an Accessory

Girl clothes are definitely better than boys, but you know what is even better than that?  Hair bows, big pink ones!  B4 accessorized for the first time today.

bowI may very well put that on her everyday.  By the way that halfway smile is from her daddy singing to her in his absurdly good Aaron Nevile voice.

What is not so good are head injuries which we had two of today.  The first and worst came while B1 and B2 were playing outside during nap-time.  B1 came running and screaming to the backdoor and B2 followed (not running or screaming) with a stream of blood running down his head.  David tried to find the source of bleeding while I tried to calm down B1 and find out what on earth happened.  Long story short B1 accidentally hit B2 with a piece of wood, bleeding ensued then panic set in and we learned that B1 does not function so well in an emergency situation.  We missed church while trying to decide whether a visit to the Urgent Care was necessary, it wasn’t.  B1 offered B2 his old underwear since he had just bought new ones as a peace offering, how nice.  So here’s the wound.

headwoundB2 was back to his bug loving self in no time.

slugSince we had already missed church and all bleeding was stopped we decided to have, what else but, a football game.  That brings us to the next injury, which was caused by this tackle.

tackleWhich made this really sad face.

boobooThen I offered up M&M’s

happyagainand all was well again.

Overall it was a good day.  Nothing that a few M&M’s and a slug couldn’t fix.

3 thoughts on “2 Injuries and an Accessory

  1. I absolutely adore the pink headband on B4. She must always wear it to accessorize her pink outfits. And we are very fortunate that B1, B2, and B3 have not had any serious injuries.
    I’m sure B2 is quite proud of his injury.

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