Mind Dump 3.0

My day fell on a Monday again so I will be delivering short thoughts followed by some pictures.

I spent tonight trying to fix Casey’s laptop.  You know it would take me removing everything from the inside of the laptop to get to what I needed.  Firstly, I had to get the part out of a spare laptop.  I got down to the last screw and it ended up being a Torx 8 and the smallest I had was a Torx 10.  So is life.  I finally got it out with a flat head.

Part in hand time to fix Casey’s laptop.  I opened it up to get the part out and wouldn’t you know it is totally different, but I didn’t find this out until I removed almost the entire inside of the laptop.  Well that was a waste of 4 hours!

They are building a tunnel under the railroad tracks at work beside my office.  You can imagine how much noise that has created.

Some people at work can’t believe I took all the allotted time given to me off because, “I can’t imagine being away from work for that long”.  We have lost our priorities somewhere down the line.

Casey and I have pondered how life seems backward sometimes.  Stay with me here… When you are older and retired you have a lot of time on your hands, seem financially stable, but may not be physically able to do the things you want.  When you are younger you have to work all the time, just getting by financially, and have no time for the ones you love.

What I’m trying to say is enjoy the time you have, make sure your priorities are right and praise God if you are just getting by.  At least you are getting by!

I preached Sunday night on Crowding out God and Wednesday on Are we steered by fear.  Not sure if any got any help from it, but it greatly helped me!

Casey and I had our first Sunday School class yesterday.  We had 3 and I was surprised and happy.  You know how we put God in a box sometimes and look on the bad side of things.  I was expecting no one to come and we’d be sitting in the classroom by ourselves.  Our lesson was on Ruth and her Selfless acts.  They had great questions and hopefully grasped the concepts.  Next week is traits of a loyal friend.  Our class is 14-21 year olds if anyone is interested 🙂

This is the first time Casey and I have taught together apart from a few nights of VBS a few years ago.  Church was a lot different Sunday morning after teaching with her.  There was an unexplainable feeling I got serving the Lord side by side with Casey.  I look forward to what God has in store for us and our class!

This weather has been awesome!  You can’t beat going outside after supper throwing football, trying to keep up with B3 and walking with B4.

I had a good friend come to church with us Wednesday and it meant a lot!

B2’s head is fine, just a small cut remains.  Glad he didn’t have to have any stitches or staples!

The boys started a new book today and it has a lot of country dialect in it.  Casey hates reading it, but I love it.  I’ll probably be talking like that tomorrow at work.  Makes me think of how we start talking like people we are talking to.  If they have a long Southern draw we find ourselves talking like them.  Or how about if someone doesn’t speak English and we start to speak slower or louder.

That is it for now, I need some sleep!  5:30 comes early.  Here is part of the boy’s secret handshake.  Shh, don’t tell them I showed you!

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  1. David you are so right about the dialect thing. Especially about people who speak to you in a different language. We have this doctor who just can’t grasp the concept that they still can’t understand you if you say it slower and louder. They don’t have a hearing problem(hello).;)

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