Easy Peasy – 5 things that make my life easier

First of all, congrats to Kelly and Mawmaw, that’s B1 in the Wayback Wednesday post from yesterday!  The blanket really threw everyone off, don’t tell B1 we put him in a girly blanket.

Ever had one of those days when even easy things became difficult?  Yeah me too, but today I thought I would talk about the complete opposite.  5 things that make my life easier, at least most of the time.

1.  My new best friend, my Moby Wrap.  I decided when the boys were young and we had a double stroller that, that thing was for the birds (or at least the moms who only visit very wide open spaces and have the ability to push and lift  like a hundred pounds).  Yes, I’m sure that they make great ones now that are easy to maneuver through small aisles and that are light as a feather.  No they don’t, do not believe that lie!  Anyway, back to my wrap.  It’s one very long piece of cloth that you wrap around you, as per the instructions of course, which is very easy.  I have worn it pretty much everywhere, even while eating at a restaurant to avoid having to take in the whole car seat contraption.  Just be careful not to drop salsa on baby’s head.  My wrap even has UV protection so baby will not get burned in the sun.  The best part is it doesn’t hurt my back at all.

2.  Lowes Foods To Go and my personal shopper.  Sounds fancy huh?  I am very proud to say that I was the FIRST person to use this service at the Lowes Foods in Mebane about 2 years ago.  It’s very easy.  You get online and order you groceries, this sounds intimidating but after you get used to it it’s really quite easy.  Next pick a day and time to pick them up.  Your personal shopper will call you if they need to substitute anything you ordered, or sometimes just to ask if you forgot anything.  You pick them up at your time slot and pay.  Tada!  The best part is you can get the same deals you get at the store and it’s a great budgeting tool because you can see the money adding up as you order.  It’s only around $6.00 extra and if you spend 5,000 green points you can get that free.

3.  This is is even free, breastfeeding.  Stay with me here.  No bottles, no formula, no need to get out of bed or even set up to feed baby at night, less gas, less spitting up, less reflux, enough said.

4.  Grandparents, because without them I’m certain David and I would never get a date, I would never get a haircut, or even get to the dentist.

5.  My Boppy pillow, it’s a great back saver when nursing.  It also works well to keep baby safely stationed somewhere.  And it’s great when the boys want to hold B4, it keeps her head in a safe position without them having to hold it.  It is currently holding B4 in my lap as I blog.

I’m always looking for things to make my days go a little smoother and easier, so let me know what things work for you.

Here’s some pictures of B4 hanging out with her cousin.



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