Truth on This Rainy Day

Today I could have written a post on some really funny thing that happened to us or something cute that the kids said this week.  I pondered lots of things that would make a good story.  In an effort to be completely honest I’m not going to try to make this a funny colorful post because really, today’s been a cruddy day.  I wouldn’t say anything really bad has happened just the normal annoying things to deal with they just all happened on the same day.  First the rain, yuck if everyone in the house, except David, didn’t already feel like ick because of this nasty cold then the rain itself would certainly do it.  We spent the majority of the day cleaning the house, again ick, not how I like to spend a Saturday.  David’s officially on a diet, the kids have argued all day, the 2 year old has been hard to get along with, the baby and I didn’t sleep well because no one could breath, for some reason I’m watching a football game, I have a headache, it’s still raining, everyone is moody, the boys room was a mess, there are these annoying bugs in my house, and I have not seen sunshine in like forever.  That pretty much covers everything.  I tell you these things not to be whiny but to be honest.  As much as I love my kids sometimes they drive me crazy, as much as I love my husband sometimes we feel very detached, and as much as I love God and want to be a happy joyful christian sometimes you just have a bad day.

I have a pet peeve, okay I have many pet peeves, but one is when people sugar coat their lives.  I don’t think that you have to act like your life is always roses to be a happy christian.  On the other hand I don’t think that you have to exaggerate all of the bad things that happen in your life.  I guess what I’m saying is pretending to have all flowers and no weeds in your garden does not make you any more or less of a christian than anyone else.  I think that Christians get bad names for doing both of these things.  If you act like your life is wonderful all the time and like you’ve never had a bad day then non-Christians see that as unattainable.  If you exaggerate how bad your life is and always look down and depressed then your not reflecting God’s goodness and grace.  That’s why it’s better to just be honest, be real, be genuine.

In closing, today’s not been such a great day, but the day’s not over things could always turn around.  But, even if this day goes down as a cruddy one beginning to end, tomorrow is a new day.  I will look up and ask for God’s grace to get through the bad ones and enjoy the good ones.

Below are pictures that are, well, honest.


3 thoughts on “Truth on This Rainy Day

  1. Thank you for your honestly…it is refreshing! I do hope and pray your day got better! I agree with everything you said! Love you all!

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