Why is this horse in my yard?

You can tell I’m drawing a blank for blog posting when I have to go back to a picture from 2002.  This picture was taken during the big ice storm in December of 2002.  We had our next door neighbors over ready to go out for an adventure in the snow and ice.  Earlier in the storm we heard a huge explosion up the road which turned out to be our transformer for the neighborhood.  So we were without power for almost a week.  Thankfully we had gas logs and a gas oven in that house!  We invited Kelly and Jeremy over to partake in a cleaning out of the freezer party.  We were headed out for our drive and our neighbor from across the street, who we never talked, to ran out of her house yelling.  She wanted us to pick up some D batteries while we were out.  Sure, no problem.

We had a beautiful drive through the icy wonderland and hunt for D batteries.  Small aside, I took her batteries to her and she didn’t offer to pay for them, slacker!  After our big meal something caught our eye out the window.  Um, there is a horse walking down the road in front of our house.  It brought back memories of the intro to “Northern Exposure” with the moose heading down the road through town.  We went out on the front porch to see the horse.  I was holding B1 up and he was making noises at the horse.  I guess the horse wanted to get a closer look or smelled the wonderful smells from inside the house?  If the steps wouldn’t have been so slippery he probably would have walked right through the front door!

We called the police just to let them know that the horse had gotten out from the field behind our house.  She said they had received a few calls already and would send someone over.  Long story short, the horse got back in it’s fence for the time being.  Come to think of it, maybe this is why B1 is so fascinated with horses now.

I could write a whole blog based on the happenings in that neighborhood.  Stay tuned and maybe you will read further stories about drug dealers, crazy Tim, D and Old Girl.  I leave you with this photo of the horse that appeared on News 2 for all to see during their Ice Storm Pictures.


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