The Ponderings of a Deep Thinker and a Free Spirit

It’s one of God’s perfect blessing, giving you children with different personalities.  God knows that we could  not possibly deal with 4 personalities that were alike in this household.  B1 and B2 are very different which is a good thing because most of the time they get along pretty well.  B1 is definitely the deep thinker, very mature for his age, pretty responsible and a hard worker.  B2 is a true free spirit, very creative, very forgiving, and an all-around fun guy to be around.

Tonight around supper we had two very burning questions asked, I’ll let you guess who asked which question.  The first was,”mama will I ever have to die for something in life, you know like will anyone ever say I’m going to take you sister away or you’re going to have to die?”  Um, yeah I was just trying to clean the table.  My response was, ” sweetie most people are never put in a situation like that in their life”.  Now really what child ponders such things.  The next question was “can worms drown if they are in a bucket when it rains?”, this is important because we have a beloved bucket of worms in our backyard and of course it rained tonight.  No one really had an answer for this questions except one who insisted that animals whose faces you cannot see can’t drown, okay sounds good to me.

Two very important questions from two very different little boys.


2 thoughts on “The Ponderings of a Deep Thinker and a Free Spirit

  1. Oh yeah, I definitely know who asked what. That B1 always keeps us on our toes, and I find myself looking to David and saying, “Mr. David, B1 has a question for you!!” 🙂

    B2 on the other hand, his questions… are normally Mrs. Becca’s to answer. 😉

    Praying everyone is getting better there – we love you all dearly!

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