Mind Dump ….Tuesday, sure why not?

My day fell on a Tuesday this week and it was time for a mind dump so I am implementing a mind dump Tuesday.  The past couple of days have been good around the house and hopefully a quick get away is on the horizon!  Keep up with me on these because I’m sure they will be all over the map.

This quarter we are learning about the four temperaments in my Christian Psychology class at Bible College.  It has been pretty interesting and the test pegged my temperament perfectly.  It was interesting to learn that our temperaments are inherited predominately from our 4 grandparents.  There is hope though, with the help of the Holy Spirit we can change these slightly!  More on this to come in the coming months.

The rodeo will be in Efland this coming Friday and Saturday night.  The boys had a blast last year.

You may have read a few posts back that I’m on a diet.  I like to think of it as starting to eat more healthy.  Things are good so far.  I haven’t slipped yet, but was pretty tempted by those big cinnamon rolls at the Monday morning meeting.

We have had people from Guam, Canada, Brazil and Belgium visit the blog.  That is strange.  Welcome if you are from out of the country 🙂

A guy that works for me came in with some “different” looking shoes this morning.  They were defianately strange, but he swore they felt good.  You be the judge.

Facebook is to connect with the people you used to know and Twitter is for the people you want to get to know.  Random research fact of the week.

Casey has been addicted to Etsy for the past few days.  I’ve been telling her about it forever!

We have still been sharing a laptop for the past few weeks.  She saves everything on the desktop and it is a mess.  I told her it was like me making a mess on the kitchen table and leaving it there.  She didn’t buy it.

Our tv went out in the bedroom so Casey has been behind on her news for a week.  I guess I should look at it further than unplugging it and scratching my head.

Why do we always go back to the cabinet or refrigerator when there was nothing there the first time.  Did the magic junk food fairy bring us something in between trips.

When you are dieting, I mean eating healthy, IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO WATCH THE FOOD NETWORK.  Especially not my favorite show Triple D with Guy Fieri

The people at work that have an e-mail signature that says “Do not print this e-mail.  Save paper” makes me want to print the e-mail even though I don’t print e-mails.

I leave you with this picture from baseball season.  The boys keep asking when the season starts again.


5 thoughts on “Mind Dump ….Tuesday, sure why not?

  1. I think the shoes “rock.” I’ve got to get a pair!
    And, I can’t believe you haven’t told your artsy-crafty Mom about Etsy. I know where I’ll be tomorrow while your Dad’s on Craigs List.

  2. Those shoes are interesting…..

    We are thinking about taking CJ to the Rodeo this year….are you taking B3 this year?

    Etsy is where I got those fetching caps that I like to put CJ in – the ones that make him look like he’s from the 1920’s or something….or like Uncle Ray says, makes him “look like one of those kids from the movies that will throw a rock and break your windows”……really? CJ do something destructive? I think not.

    Ah, those e-mail signatures – I read one that said, “ponder your environmental responsibility before attempting to print this e-mail.” Did they put a block so that I can’t print it? Dummies.

    I am loving your blog – you have no idea how much I look forward to reading every day!

    • We won’t be taking B3 this year. We did last year, and it was okay. The biggest problem is there is a lot of downtime between events, that’s when he would get very wiggly and it’s very looong.

  3. Yeah, we changed our minds. Thinking we’re going to go see Toy Story in 3D instead. Will hold his attention for sure. The Rodeo comes every year……TS in 3D does not. 😉

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