The Return of the Ants

“This house was built on the biggest ant hill in the world” is just a small excerpt from the conversation Casey and I had this morning.  Yes, the ants have returned.  We had a problem when we first moved in and ended up pulling out all the overgrown azalea bushes and boxwood bushes.  The front was covered with layers and layers of pine needles which apparently was a breeding ground for millions of ants.  We ended up calling Hodge Pest Control and they did a good job of getting rid of the ants.

The boys wanted to be here when the “ant remover” came because they thought he was bringing an anteater with him.  We managed for a couple of years with the standard stuff bought from Lowes to control the ants.  Other than the mailbox covered with ants on the inside and out we managed with a spray bottle close by until this week.

They have been everywhere!  Inside cabinets, all over the floor, glasses, on top of counters I mean everywhere!  So, I had to call in Hodge once again to come over and clean house.  Luckily, they will be able to come by tomorrow.  In the meantime B3 found a stuffed anteater in the closet.  Thus bringing up the question, “Where does one get a stuffed anteater?”


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