A Eulogy and a Recipe

Today I will attempt to honor a dear friend to our B2.

The story begins a few years back when B2 was old enough to select his own special stuffed friend, as opposed to being stuck with whatever we stuck in his hand as a baby.  B2 being our somewhat “unique” child would of course not settle for a traditional bear or dog, that would never fit him so what did he attach himself to but a bright pink pig.  Piggy, as any special friend would, stuck by B2’s side religiously.  He even managed to show up in places where he wasn’t invited, like our family photos.

piggy1piggy2About a year ago, Piggy had to have an eye reattachment preformed but otherwise was in really good health.  His neon pink shiny fur always made him look so happy.  Today Piggy met his fate.  It was a freak accident.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to “store” Piggy in a Chick-fil-A bag, so today Piggy rests peacefully (or not) in a trashcan at Joe Davidson Park.  RIP Piggy, we will miss you!

On a happier note, David’s diet or eating healthy whatever, is going pretty well.  I have been scouring for new recipes and making some up as we go.  Anyway, I thought that occasionally I would share some that worked out particularly well.  Please note I will not list amounts if I made up the recipe because I don’t measure just use you own judgement. 🙂

Southwest Chicken Soup

about 4 boneless skinless chicken breast

1 red or yellow pepper



chipotle pepper in adobe sauce (find this canned in your “international” food aisle, it’s just smoked jalapeno)

fresh lime juice

orange juice

fresh chopped cilantro

dried cumin

chicken broth or stock

Cook chicken first in saute pan adding in orange juice 1 chipotle pepper and a little sauce, lime juice, cumin (small amount), and cilantro.  After chicken is cooked add in onion, carrot, and red pepper.  After veggies are cooked to soft add in chicken stock to your liking. Let soup simmer for at least 30 mins. the longer the better for flavor.

We had this soup with cheese quesadillas, it was a good meal.  You should definitely like southwest/Mexican food, the cumin and cilantro are what give these flavors.

Lastly, just because we haven’t posted a picture of her in a while.  B4, she’s getting so big!


2 thoughts on “A Eulogy and a Recipe

  1. Poor Piggy. I am sorry to hear of his demise. He was such an all-around character. I especially liked his “GI Joe” persona. I’m sure it won’t be long before B2’s creative genius comes up with another unique friend.

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