Rodeo Time

We returned to the Efland Rodeo last night after the great time we had last year.  It only started thirty minutes late this year.  I guess cowboys aren’t known for their promptness?  We had a pretty good time again this year, but it did seem that no one came to win.  No one won in at least 3 events.  I’m not saying I could do any better, but I couldn’t do any worse 🙂

As always the center of attention was the clown.  He didn’t ride two miniature horses this year while standing on them around the circle, but he was just as entertaining.  Dizzy bat races, on-going heckling and impersonations of Elvis, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis filled the void.

The boys got to take a few trips around on some minature horses before the rodeo thanks to grandma.  B1 and B2 had been planning all year how they were going to get the flags off of the calves’ tails during the calf catch event.  They came pretty close but couldn’t pull it off in the end.  We sat next to the calf stable that was for the cattle used during the calf roping events.  I would get a big smell of bbq, wings and chicken and my stomach would growl, but then the manure smell from the cows hit us hard.  Gotta love the rodeo!

B1 is set on buying a ranch and having horses.  I wouldn’t put it past him!

Here are a few pictures we took at the event.  We were joined by some friends of ours, their two kids and my parents.  Click on the pictures to see the slideshow!

3 thoughts on “Rodeo Time

  1. Can’t say that I was very excited about a trip to the rodeo. But I must admit it was fun!
    I’m still trying to figure out how B1 is going to fit his horse into the playhouse that will serve as a barn/orphanage/church/clubhouse. You gotta love his imagination!

  2. After I told your daddy about your comment, “I couldn’t do any worse.” He said he would make sure he signs you up for next year. What event do you want to enter?

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