Field Trip on the Fly

On Thursday last week B2 posed a question that started this way, “Mama I know your going to say no but….”,which is usually never a good sign.  This time however it actually ended up being a good thing.  B2 has decided he would like to have a pet fish.  Now let’s not forget about our luck with animals, we’re not a pet-friendly family but since I’m not sure if a fish is more like a pet or a decoration I at least gave him a chance to proceed.  “If I save my own money, can I buy a pet fish”, he went on.  Then the light bulb went off in my head.  This is a Thursday we have nothing planned after school which means my dear children will be running through the house driving me mad and arrh these ants, unless…., yes there it was a chance to get out of the house.  “Maybe”, I said to B2, “but you will have to present your research to daddy so he and I can decide together”.  Next we were  on our way to Pet Smart to research fish.  We’ve been discussing lists this week in school and how to write and organize a list so that it is effective.  So into Pet Smart we went list in hand to research our potential pet.  The sales associate was helpful, telling B2 everything he would need for a fish and the prices which we together organized into a readable list.  Meantime we learned that a Beta fish is the only kind that doesn’t have to have a tank that is filtered.  Upon leaving the pet store we decided that we could stretch out our trip a little longer and do some comparison shopping at Wal-mart.

In the end we worked on making lists, obtained insightful information about different kinds of fish, and done a little comparing of prices (the pet store was cheaper by the way).  The boys then organized a little presentation for daddy and, voila, it was a good school day.  Did I plan the day this way, nope, but that was part of the fun.  This is just one example of how homeschooling provides chances to just go off on tangents while still learning and having fun along the way.

And as for B2 and his potential pet, well you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.  🙂  Meanwhile, enjoy his other “pets”.


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