Monday Mind Dump

I always get lucky on the blog nights.  Looks like I’ll be doing the infamous Monday Mind Dump again.  Sometimes these are harder than just posting on one topic!

We have our Fall Revival this week!

Our Sunday School lesson this past week was on being loyal to God.  We looked at the life of Johnathon and tackled some hard scenarios.  Pray for our class!

Our study in Bible College this semester is really interesting.  I talked recently about our Psychology class, but the class on the Temple has been a real blessing.  We just covered the Ark of the Covenant and how it moved from the tabernacle to the Solomon’s temple then to Harrod’s temple and what was in the ark throughout the trip.  Some great foreshadowing of what was going on spiritualy with the people at that time and where we are today.  Planning on reading through Jeremiah to study the generation that has forgotten God. Sad times.

You already read about the boy’s proposition of buying a fish from Casey’s blog last night.  I was informed last week that the boys had an idea and they would present it to me when I got home.  I asked if I needed to bring a projector home.  I parked that afternoon and walked up the driveway.  I was met halfway by B1 who said they had something to talk to me about.  Two steps later B2 blurts out their entire plans before I can take the next step.  They did go on after eating that night to present their case for why they should have a fish.

We went out to eat after a long Saturday night to Longhorn.  Casey said she wanted me to eat half-way healthy so I did at least get to have a Coke.  We both ordered Salmon which was really good.  The waitress decided she would give us chips instead of bread which wasn’t that good.  B3 did not like the fish at all!

The diet has been going well.  I feel better already and am looking forward to mixing in some exercise this week.  Crystal Light makes some pretty good mix packets that are Citrus and have “Mental Focus” added.  In fine print “mental focus” = caffene.  This has been pretty nice because I struggle with soft drinks.

Looking forward to eating with Casey’s parents tomorrow night.  She is making her fajitas!  She has been making a great guacomale that I think I could eat straight out of the bowl by itself!

If you are a frequent blog reader then you know that B2 lost piggie last week while we were meeting at the park for lunch.  I thought I would be the hero dad and go by there and get the pig out of the trash on my way home.  I was praying that no one would be on the playground when I got there.  I pulled into the parking lot, if you know me you know how my luck goes, the place was packed.  I knew from earlier that the trash can would have a lot of yellow jackets in it so I debated on whether or not to tell the people so they could move away from the can while I dug.  I decided against that and just go in for the kill.  I took a deep breath, walked up to the trash can and looked in.  There was the Chick Fila bag on top so no other trash had been piled on, good.  I picked the bag up and started looking through the smaller bags insdie.  By this time I started getting an eerie feeling.  You know that feeling you get when everything around you goes quiet and you can feel the eyes piercing your skin?  I slowly looked up and this woman sitting beside the trashcan’s eyes were about to pop out of her head.  I smiled and she said, “Are you OK?”  I quickly blurted out what was going on and returned to my trash.  At that point I got to one of the kid’s meal bags and unrolled it and only found a fry in it.  I thought about eating the fry in front of everyone, but didn’t.  She told me she would get me some food if I was hungry.  After going through the bags and not finding piggy, I turned quickly looking at the ground, not to make eye contact with anyone and walked briskly to my car.  Piggy is still on the loose!

Hopefully making reservations tomorrow night for a little Fall get away with everyone.  Looking forward to this!  Call us weird if you wantl, but we don’t tell our kids when we plan stuff.  We will let them know the morning we leave 🙂  They usually figure it out early when Casey starts packing.

Casey joined Twitter.  She will be tweeting soon.

I got a phone call today complaining that no one from my work would return their repeated e-mails.  I asked them what e-mail address they were using and they replied, “”.  Now how do you respond to that???

I’ve been looking at Bible Study software lately.  Why does all the good Bible Software have to run on the PC or cost and arm and a leg for the Mac?  Maybe it has to do with what someone I used to work with said to me a while back, “You are probably the only person I know that carries a MacBook in one had and a KJV Bible in the other”… Guilty as charged!

We ordered some digital prints online from our new camera last night.  I can’t wait to see them!  I hope they turn out ok.

I could share the most adorable pictures ever of B4, but I don’t want to get Casey mad at me!  Instead, here are some from the boys playing baseball in the front yard last week.  I think this is the first time that B1 and B2 have let B3 join in on tossing the baseball around.  Oh, they are growing up so fast!


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  1. Have you thought about a cup of coffee in the morning for that little jolt?
    You’re old enough now. No cream, no sugar, no calories.

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