Wayback Wednesday – The Beach Through The Years

I’m stepping in tonight to do a wayback Wednesday post, David’s nearing a deadline for some freelance work but he’ll be back tomorrow night.

Since we are at the end of summer, I thought I would reminisce about beach trips of years past.  Okay, so officially it’s been fall for a few weeks now but in my mind fall does not begin until acorns fall on the roof so hard that it sounds like our house is collapsing and alas, we are there.  Back to the beach, it’s my favorite vacation, really, I love the beach as do my children as you will see.

This is B1’s first beach trip where we had to utilize the baby cabana, he slept most of the time but I could tell he was a beach bum at heart.gbeach2This would be year two of the beach with children.  B1 is in the pool and B2 is, well, an infant.

gbeachThe years have passed and the kids have enjoyed more of the water, sand, and sunshine each year, as have I.  I’m pretty sure that my love of the beach comes from my wonderful childhood memories of beach vacations.

So tonight put on your flip-flops, conjure up the smell of sunscreen, breath in the salty air and enjoy these photos of our blessings enjoying the beach!

cbeachcbeach2gbeach3groupbeachAnd last but not least B1’s dive he calls a cannonball, but we call  it the pony.

gbeach5Now watch out for falling acorns, because it’s fall you know. 🙂

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