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I was going to name this post “You can’t believe everything you hear at church”, but didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.  I know we have all played the password game when we were small.  You know, the one where the first person tells the second person a word or phrase and it goes all around the room until it gets to the end and sounds something like, hippie green bean ice cream.  I was thinking back the other day on funny things that have happened at church and a few instances rushed to my mind.

First, let me say that I don’t believe children are ever to young to start teaching the Word of God.  B3, who is 2, is in a Sunday School class and loves to sing Jesus Loves Me.  You may think that is a little thing, but I can’t wait to see how God will grow that into a stronger deeper love!  B1 and B2 have been in Sunday School probably since they have been able to walk.  I can remember one afternoon after our morning service when we got home from lunch pretty vivedly.  The boys were so excited for what they had learned that morning.  “Momma and daddy, listen to what we learned this morning”, they said excitedly!  I asked what they talked about and they told me they had been going over Creation.  So I took it upon myself to quiz them to see how much they had actually learned.  They were probably 2 and 3 at the time so I was going to stump them with the first question.  I proceeded, “Who were the first two people God created?”  B1 had a big smile on his face and shot back, like only he can, “That is too easy daddy!  Adam and STEVE!”  Now, any good dad would sit down and go into great detail explaining how it was really Adam and Eve and he heard his teachers wrong.  I probably would have thought of that if I wasn’t filled with side splitting laughter.  I did go on to explain to him the correct answer.

Later on that year we were getting concerned about food being given out in the nursery.  Some people were giving B2 cookies and he didn’t even have teeth!  One morning Gavyn informed us that he had had Pepsi that morning.  At that time our boys had never had a soft drink.  B2 still doesn’t like the carbonation.  I told him we would talk about it after church.  I think he sensed that we were not happy.  I think he spent the entire service trying to think of an excuse.  After we got in the van we quizzed B1 about his soft drink experience.  “What did you drink?  Why did you drink it?  Did you eat a candy bar?” he didn’t have any answers.  We finally got to “Who gave you the Pepsi?”  and he blurted out before we could finish the question “Jesus did”.  How can you argue with that?

Finally, at lunch after church a few months ago with some friends, who teach the boys in Junior Church, of ours  came the latest misinformation.  They asked us if we were planning on moving because the boys were going on and on about how we were getting a new house, moving away and finding a new church.  Now, this goes back to why we don’t tell the boys much about whats going on.  They take a little truth and make a story around it, sounds like a bunch of people I know.  We told them no we weren’t planning on moving, getting a new house or leaving at all.  I think we had looked at a house that had been forclosed on the Saturday before and the boys had made big plans from that little visit.  Our friend said, “Yeah, you never know what they are going to say.  Last week they kept telling us Daddy is trying out for American Gladiators, Daddy is trying out for American Gladiators!”.  Casey and I both started laughing……  Um, yeah, well….. that one was true.


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