My Peeps

If you know me you know that I seem to attract “unique” people. I wanted to share one instance with you from an encounter I had with a man that we will call Jim Bob.  I met Jim Bob while on a summer camping trip with my brother at Hanging Rock.

We got there on a Friday afternoon and had planned on staying until early Sunday morning.  We dropped our stuff off and drove into town to pick up some food to grill out for the weekend.  We also had to get some towels and other things we left at home.  After shopping and eating we came back to camp dropped the stuff off and hiked for a few hours.

Exhausted, feet hurting and hungry we returned to start up a fire and cook some meat.  By this time people had setup in the two camp sites next to ours.  My brother and I were sitting around the fire talking when we heard something in the woods.  As soon as I turned around I saw Jim Bob pop out of the woods next to us.  I don’t think I can describe it and do him justice, but I will try.  He was about 6’1″ and skinny as a rail, long blonde mullet with some cut-off jeans (cut waayyy too short) and a tank top that was 2 sizes to small.  There was an awkward silence when he jumped out of the woods.  I waited for him to say something, but he never did.  So I spoke up, “Hey man, how’s it going?”

That was about the last word I got in.  He pulled up a chair and talked for I know an hour.  The conversation started off pretty slow.  “Hey, y’all brothers?”  “Yeah, I’m a lot older than he is though”  “Y’all look just alike, must be twins”

He went on to tell us about his son who was in college in Canada for engineering, what him and his wife did for a living and how they come up there about every weekend.  It was getting late and I mentioned we had to start getting ready to cook something for supper.  He got up and before disappearing into the woods offered us a pile of wood he had cut the night before.

I think I must attract these people because I am one of them.  I love hearing about other people’s lives.  Their stories, trials, ups and downs are fascinating.  It reaffirms that no matter what we look like on the outside all of us can find a commonality on the inside.  Our problems are their problems and we are all searching for something.  I can see parts of my life in others and understand where they are.

We all have these breif encounters with others that stick in our heads.  I hope to share some of my encounters with you.  Jim Bob is probably still going up to Hanging Rock every weekend looking to get away from the grind of his day to day machining job.  We had to leave early on Saturday afternoon before we could go pick the wood up from Jim Bob.

Enjoy the time you have with the Jim Bob’s you come into contact with.  They probably think you are just as weird as they are!  I leave you with this picture of B2 trying to pull me off of a huge frog.


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