Christmas Photo, Take One

Congrats to Grandma, who’s guess of a goat was the closest to the cat, tiger like Mascot thingy that B1 was not too keen to be beside of, yet daddy seems quite happy actually.  Grandma can now take me out for Molten Chocolate Cake anytime. 🙂

gandcatwebFor the last few years we’ve made it a tradition of sorts to do a family photo to send out on our Christmas cards. In an attempt to be proactive I thought maybe we should try a little earlier this year get the (all but impossible) card worthy photo. Normally this is done in our home with the help of the camera timer.   Since we’ve grown in size now and since, let’s face it no one really cares to see David and I anyway, we decided to try and get an outside photo taken of just the kiddos.

We had a plan, we would go to Cedarrock Park (a lovely backdrop) at around 3:30 then after we got the perfect shot we would take everyone out to Chilies.  Good plan, right?  We’ll let’s just say no one was really “feeling” the Christmas picture that day, except me.  Oops guess I forgot to ask.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy “take one” of our Christmas photo attempt.

allwebI really did say smile, although, I’m not sure that anyone heard me.  B3 heard a gunshot, and yes it really was a gunshot.  Mental note, find B2 a shirt with a collar that will lay down right.

allweb2Again the collar, B4 fell asleep, and B3 well, what do you do.  sigh  But notice the lovely backdrops.

weball3This is when we decided there was really no point.

We sadly loaded up the camera and the kids and went to Chilies anyway, and we all remember how that ended.  There’s always next time, thank goodness it’s only October.  But, if you fail to receive a Christmas card from us this year please know that we tried.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Christmas Photo, Take One

  1. Yeah! First contest I’ve won in ages. We’ll make a date soon for that chocolate molten cake. But if I go with you we can’t share. Fact is, you’ll think the Blessings were asleep compared to me with a fork near chocolate.
    A little tip for the Christmas photo, wear bunny ears, take a bell, and don’t forget your feather duster. I tried to remember all those little tricks I’ve seen the pros use.

  2. I couldn’t resist – the lime green reminded me of you. I have to buy the cute girl clothes for B4 since I’ve only got boys to purchase for. 🙂

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