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No, I’m not looking for another job or wanting you to really hire me.  Unless you have something good, then e-mail me. 🙂  I wanted to share a couple of interviews I’ve been on in the past 15 years.  There have been some interesting times.  On the flip side I also want to talk about a few people that I’ve interviewed.

Firstly, you have got to dress to impress!


After graduating high school I wanted to find a full-time summer job before heading to college.  I had secured a job with the local school system, but wanted to see if I could find something better.  A friend of my dads had a lead with a startup tech support company in RTP.  I got an interview with the hiring manager and I was excited.

Freshly graduated high school, new shirt and tie and feeling unstoppable I walked into the office of the tech support company.  Everyone was fairly young and looked happy.  The hiring manager was a younger lady, very cordial but looked very preoccupied when greeting me.  I got from her after the initial greeting that she wasn’t interested in me and I was just wasting her time.  We walked into her office where we continued talking technology and such.  The company offered tech support for multiple dial-up ISPs across the country.  The position was essential helping people who couldn’t get connected to the Internet or having problems once connected.

After the initial conversation I had to take a test that was supposed to measure my knowledge of the technology industry.  She handed me the test and then excused herself out of the room.  She returned shortly with a plate of pizza and told me she hadn’t had lunch yet.  I made short time on the test, it was simple.  She took the test from me getting pizza sauce all over the test.  She leaned back in her chair, propped her feet up on her desk and with plate on stomach continued to eat her pizza while looking over my test.  It took her an entire three pieces of pizza to look over my 10 question test.  After looking over the test and on her 4th piece of pizza started discussing my answers. “Well, chomp chomp chomp you missed chomp chomp chomp 4.”  I sat silenced because I was almost 100% positive I didn’t miss any.  Know I’m going over the decision in my head if I should argue the answers or just let it go.  I decided I had nothing to lose so I would sit their and argue with her.  After explaining my answer for the first problem I gave up and thought it was going to be worthless.  We parted ways and I never heard from them again….thank God!

The next story comes from my first “real” full-time job.  A friend of mine had mentioned they were hiring a Systems Engineer and a Field Technician to cover North and South Carolina.  I told him I would be interested and he forwarded my resume and contact information to his boss.  I quickly got a reply and arranged to meet his boss in Charlotte the next week.  He was traveling down their on business and had a few hours available before he had to fly back to DC.  I drove the two and a half hours to Charlotte in torrential downpours and finally found the hotel he was staying in.  I got there on time and met him in the lobby.  We exchanged greetings and took a couple of chairs out of the way in the lobby to talk.  After about five minutes he suggested we go up to his room because it was getting pretty noisy in the lobby.  This sounds totally bizarre after the fact, but I was so excited about getting an interview the weirdness didn’t even come to mind at the time.  We entered his room and we continued to discuss the job and my qualifications.  He told me he would get back with me in a couple of weeks.  I got the job as a contract to permanent position and started the next week.  We settled on a contract per hour salary and a full-time salary after I was brought on full-time.  Everything was well until he went back on the salary he promised.  It was a great job that started off my career so I was thankful even though the interview was a little creepy.

I have a few more of those type of stories, but I’ll switch to the other side of the spectrum where I’ve been the person hiring.  These are much shorter.

We were hiring for a technician position and we received a resume on red construction paper written in blue crayon.

While interviewing for that same position a guy went into a 10 minute explanation of why he loved his bowflex and was addicted to late night infomercials after being asked his list of hobbies.

The guy who lied on his resume just so he could get an interview because he was a single dad with three boys who was currently working 3 jobs. OK ok I really wanted to hire this guy!

After asking a lady what goals she had and where she saw herself in five years.  “Goals, I’m 40 years old, I don’t have any goals.”  She also went on to threaten a guy on the panel and saying she would meet him outside.

I’m interested in hearing your experiences!

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  1. Yesterday a friend of mine told me that when she was interviewed for her current job she was asked, “What’s your sign?” No, she wasn’t applying to write horoscopes. But the employer turned out to be spaced out most of the time.

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