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The boys have been studying Medieval Times in school for the past few weeks.  Casey had the great idea that we take the boys to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, SC.  We had already surprised the boys with the beach trip and this was just icing on the cake.  We told them that we needed to leave kind of early because we had reservations at a nice restaurant.  B1 wanted seafood, B2 didn’t care and B3 just kept saying eat – eat – eat.  We pulled up in the parking lot of the big castle and I think the boys were still oblivious that we were going inside to eat.  After we told them there was a little excitement but more unsure than anything.

The drawbridge was closed because they weren’t open yet.  I told them we were going to have to storm the castle to get in.  B2 remarked that he didn’t want them to pour tar on him.  After entering we were given crowns with the color of the Knight that we would be pulling for.  Then they took our picture, so that they could try to sell us some king and queen pictures with our picture superimposed on them later on.  After that we were shuffled to a Holiday Inns Rep trying to sell us on a timeshare.  Really….??

So we were in the kings court, crowns on head and looking around to see what was going on.  B2 was mesmerized by everything, B1 thought it was childish and B3 just wanted to run around.  We had to wait a little while before we got to go into the hall.  We were entertained by the chancellor who made the announcements.  You could have your picture taken with the King.  Again, B1 was too cool for this.

Next, we made our way into the big hall where the dinner and festivities would take place.  We sat in our knight’s color section, red/yellow.  Our “slave” took our order for drinks and we were informed that eating utensils weren’t invinted yet so we would be using our hands.

Then horses sprinted out from under the stands and the adventure started.  B1 about jumped out of his seat with excitement, B2’s eyes were about to pop out of his head and B3 just stared wide-eyed at the festivities.  It started out with a sword fight between a few guys and our boys were totally into it.

Our first course came and our “slave” told B2 that it was dragon’s breath and would make him breathe fire.  It was really a tomato bisque that we had to sip out of the bowl.  Amazing how b1 doesn’t like tomatos, but call it dragon’s breath and he drinks the whole thing.  The rest of the meal included garlic toast, half potato wedge, half grilled chicken, 2 spare ribs, and an apple turnover plus all you could drink pepsi, diet pepsi or water.  The food was suprisinlgy good and you got to use your hands for everything.

The show consisted of what a Medieval Tournament would have; horse games, sword fighting, joust and choosing your weapon of choice until the end.  I have never seen B1 so giddy with enjoyment.  His favorite part were the arrabian horses that danced around on two legs, bowed and jumped into the air.  He told me he was going to teach his horse to do this.  B2 liked all the fighting.  Both were still a little worried that the guys were getting cut with the swords.  There was a little explaining that had to go on about make believe and acting.  Everything did look real though.

B4 stayed awake for a lot of the show.  She did great until I got a little too excited pulling for our knight and scared her out of her skin.  She stayed in her wrap for most of the time and Casey didn’t even get any food on her either.

All in all the whole show was about 2 hours long with the fighting, dancing horses, and the falcon show.  The tickets were a little pricey, but well worth it to see the enjoyment on everyone’s faces.

Enjoy the picture slideshow below.  Click on the thumbnails to see them larger.

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  1. I must admit I don’t know who had more fun, the children or the adults. It was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable meals I’ve had in a long, long time. Thanks for inviting me!

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