Mind Dump Monday and Just For Fun….

Here goes, what’s been on my mind lately!

1.  I feel sick on my stomach when I think about things people have done for money, fame, or both.  ie. Jon and Kate Gosselin, the Balloon Boy, etc.

2.  Wondering if it’s bad to get so much enjoyment out of dressing up my “real life baby doll”.

3.  Thinking I should put an extra set of clothes back in the diaper bag for B3 since we brought him home from an outing today in the cutest purple fluffy shirt, and khaki overalls.  Oops.

4.  Wondering if the vegetable lasagna that we ate yesterday at lunch made up for the two pop tarts I inhaled after we got home from church last night.

5.  Pondering if it’s illegal to spray an unleashed dog with Mace that is running after me and barking.

6.  I’ll be glad when Halloween is over so that our neighbors down the road will at least switch the tacky decorations to a Christmas theme.

7.  Wishing that B1 could spend a few days with a horse because I’m pretty sure the smell alone would stop his infatuation.

8.   Read that October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, I thought about and prayed for all of you that have been affected by this.

9.  I love spending time with my kids and my husband, it makes life seem easier.

10.  Thinking David is much better at Mind Dumping, all this randomness makes my head hurt.

Just For Fun

Lets hear your captions for this photo, because boy does it need one.


3 thoughts on “Mind Dump Monday and Just For Fun….

  1. What about: “I’m shocked by my grandson’s maturity.”
    Or, “You’ve got a giant spider crawling on your head.”
    Or, “Grandpa, grow up.”
    Or, “Mr. Cheesy and Mr. Cool.”
    O.K. I’ll stop now.

  2. I can’t even come up with a caption, just in AWE of how grown up he has become seemingly overnight. Or maybe it’s because I only teach him once a month now. Man, I miss “my” kids!

    I LOVE seeing you dress your real life baby doll! I don’t get that luxury with my nieces, so I love seeing you dress her up! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  3. How about “Is that you I’m smelling or the cows behind us?” Kind of fits with what’s going on that night huh? Hope you all are well!

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