Wayback Wednesday – Dress To Impress

I suppose that all children enjoy dressing up but I’m not sure that they all get the satisfaction that B1 and B2 get from dressing up.  I can’t deny the fact that I too enjoyed dressing up as a child and, okay maybe a little as an adult.  Being able to pretend to be someone totally different is a bit intriguing, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Of course I have pictures with this post but they will never do justice to the degree in which my children dress up.  They dress up in such a way that they don’t even consider themselves dressed up.  So much that we don’t even bother taking pictures anymore, it’s just what they do. They take on the persona of whomever they are.

B2 spent most of his fourth year of life dressed as a ninja turtle, and he doesn’t even know what a ninja turtle is.  It was the shiny lime green costume that done it for him.  B1 regularly, to this day, wakes up and decides to be a cowboy.  They have both spent many days as football players, police officers, firemen, construction workers, preachers, and (just recently) animal cops.

I don’t have a problem with this in general.  I’ve taken many a cowboy or ninja turtle to the library.  Maybe they’ll grow out of it, or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll just start dressing up with them.  I’ve always wanted to be a real ballerina.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday – Dress To Impress

  1. Just let me know the day you are dressing up along with B1, B2, B3, and B4 so I can come see. When I think about it, I still like to dress up too. You never know when you might see me as the Cat in the Hat.

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