Is that a turtle?

Reading Casey’s post yesterday reminded me of a funny Saturday afternoon last summer.  We were working a garden in a shared community garden behind the local fire department in town.  It was getting late in the afternoon and we decided to go water the garden.  The family hopped in the van, ready to go, and we had to wait on B2.

tmntcostumeB2 comes running out in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and jumps in the van, takes a look at my reaction and says, “What”?  I say nothing because we are just running to the garden and back.  I go to start the van up and it hesitates.  No big deal, my finger slipped off the key.  I try again and it starts up fine.

Now, I think we only have one image of B2 in the TMNT costume.  I think it is made out of some super secret fabric that avoids photographs or something.  He normally only wore the body suit and velcro attached shell.  The headband has been long gone and I know Casey has had to sew this thing 100 times.

We get to the garden water everything and return back to the van.  I hit the ignition and it does absoultely nothing.  No hesitation, no sputter, nothing….completely dead.  Oh great, my parents are at a football game, Casey’s mom is gone.  It is about 100 degrees outside  What are we going to do?

Luckily my in-laws house is only about a mile from the garden.  We decided we would walk to their house and stay until I could get a ride to get a new battery.  This walk included walking down one of the busiest roads in our city for most of the way.  It was so hot outside B2 didn’t have any close on under his costume.

We set out on our trek, Donatello in the lead.  For some reason everyone that lived along that street seemed to be outside.  I heard a shout from a lady, “Hey it’s a ninja turtle, watch out!”  B2 is smiling from ear to ear.  Horns beeping and people waving and B2 loving the attention.

We finally made it to their house and got everything taken care of on the van.  B2 loved showing off his suit and everyone got some nice exercise.  We haven’t seen the TMNT costume recently, but I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow morning and see him wearing it sitting in his chair watching tv.

I wish we could all just catch a small piece of that childlike imagination and not care if everyone was staring!

* UPDATE – I tried to find an image of the costume on Google to post, but couldn’t find one.  I guess my theory is true.

*UPDATE 2 – I finally found one.  It is grainy and doesn’t really do the color and shininess justice.  I think it was taken with his fisher price digital camera, but you get the picture.

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