Put Me in the Zoo

What an exciting, tiring, wonderful day we had.  This morning we loaded up all the blessings and headed to a field trip at the zoo.  I was having flashbacks to our recent Old Salem trip as we drove to Asheboro this morning in the rain, but about  10 minutes after we arrived it stopped and all was well. I’ll share a few highlights.

First we saw one of my favorite zoo exhibits, the sea lions.  Your almost guaranteed to get a good viewing of them.

seaottersThere is a new exhibit about honey bees, that’s pretty interesting.

beeOne part of the zoo I’ve always been disappointed in is the elephants, in the past you could hardly get more than a glimpse from far far away.  Not anymore my friends.

elephantsOkay, so you can’t get quite that close, but we were all very excited to see them this close up. (B3 is not pictured above because he was NOT taking a chance on this elephant being real.)

elephant2I also don’t recall being able to see the chimpanzee this well before.

gorillaAnd, who doesn’t love the giraffes.

giraffeAside from all of this, I’m guessing that the one thing they will never forget will be this little gem.

geckoYep, we found him in the Food Junction just crawling around.  Is he just a native gecko thingy, or did he escape from an exhibit?   Your guess is as good as mine, but it sure didn’t keep B2 from relocating him to a safer place.

And now for our BIG announcement

I am excited to share that B2 finally saved up enough money for his pet fish.  So, I introduce to you our new female Beta Fish named Violet.

violetAfter our extremely tiring day, we packed up all the blessings again and headed to the pet store.  Why a female you ask?  Well, she was a dollar cheaper than the males.  Go figure.  Anyway, Violet is white with mulitcolor stipes and fins.  B4 and I are happy to add another female to the household.

Whew, now I’m retiring for the night and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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