Update on B4

Thought I would take a chance to update you on our newest blessing, B4.

B4 had her 2 month check-up a couple of weeks ago, and she’s doing great.  She’s almost 11 pounds and is still pretty long for her age.  She blows bubbles constantly, like this.

b4bubblesShe’s been enjoying more active awake time recently.

b4beqchI’m noticing that her and daddy have a little bit in common, like their fondness of sleep.

b4anddaddyShe also loves to sleep very close.  She is still eating at night, although not as much and not as long.  She enjoys napping in her own bed snuggled in her very soft pink blanket.  She laughs, she tries to talk to you, and she loves to snuggle.

b4pumpkinShe studies things very hard, so hard that her eyes cross (especially when she sees stripes).  She’s been enjoying her new cloth diapers.  She still doesn’t enjoy taking her vitamin at night.  Of course, she still loves to be carried in her wrap, even if she gets a tiny bit wet in the process.

b4carryingShe’s our snugly, adorable, huggable, kissable, irresistible, B4!

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