Mind Dump Monday

Beach trip, zoo trip, why can’t life be a series of field trips?

B1 wrote me a letter tonight that broke my heart.  Pray for us as we raise these young men…

We had a great Sunday School Class yesterday going over Jonah and making bad choices.

I have seen this quote around a lot lately and find it very true – “What we do in moderation, kids will do in excess.”

We’ve had a few people in our extended family get h1n1 over the past couple of weeks.  I found this fact about hand sanitizers the other day. If you use it more than 5 times in a row, without a proper 20 seconds of hand-washing it loses its effect on germs.

The dc board for Casey’s laptop came in Saturday.  After installing it and putting the entire laptop back together it works great!  Except for the sound and the battery has completly died….

Just saw the previews of one of tomorrow’s news stories where an organization is paying teenagers to not get pregnant.  What’s next?  Where do we stop?

Casey’s 10-year class reunion picnic got rained out Saturday.  Wow, ten years!

We have a 9 year wedding anneversary coming up soon.

We finally signed up for a credit card with rewards.  Think of all those rewards we could have been earning.  We pay our credit card bills off every month and are not very attractive to credit card companies.

I’m craving a chocolate sundae from Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.  Casey and I are probably the only two people that would go to the West Coast and order Atlantic Salmon!

I wish we would have went with cloth diapers earlier.  I guess I always got this mental picture of some cloth with a safety pin holding it all together.

B3 has been talking a lot lately.  Yesterday he ran through the living room, stopped at a lego structure and said very clearly, “Oh, cool man”

I went to the dentist today and everything was good.  I can remember when I was a kid dreading it because I was pretty sure I would have cavities.  I guess it’s the flouride?

A large number of kids walking around the zoo Friday had iPods with earphones in walking around.  Take the music out and listen to the animals!

I had a meeting across campus this morning and about got hit by at least 10 people walking and texting.

I’ve secretly had a desire to clothesline someone out of nowhere.  That mental image popped into my head at least…..10 times today

I had to get Casey switched on our dental insurance because she was listed as my dependent.  Our human resources office thought Casey was my new born and I took her to the dentist office to get xrays last week.

Our preacher says it all the time and it is so true – “We are living in strange times!”

We are accepting any products companies want to send us for review…haha

If you call our house, please don’t leave a message with one of our blessings.  You wouldn’t believe the messages we get from the boys!

Does anyone watch toddlers and tiaras on TLC?  That show makes me want to call social services!

We have a whosoever religion not a whatsoever one.

It’s not what I do, but what He did!

Spell Check has been run….so Casey doen’t have to go behind me and fix my errors!

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