My Heart is Truly Breaking for this Family

I’m having a hard time blogging tonight because my heart feels so heavy for this family and what they are going through.  I’m sure that some of you are familiar with the popular mommy blog  You can check out the site to get the detailed story but I will give you a quick synopsis.

Mckmama and Prince Charming (blog names) are the parents of 4 small children (4 children in 3 1/2 years).  The youngest named Stellan was diagnosed prenatally with a heart condition that they were told would likely be fatal, it was pretty certain he would not survive birth.  But, Stellan did survive and was quite healthy at birth.  At four months he started having bouts of SVT again and they also diagnosed a couple other heart problems at that time.  He had a partially successful procedure done at 5 months.  In short Stellan has been in and out of the hospital ever since, they know that he will likely need more surgeries but want him to get a bit bigger/older before they are done.

Today is Stellan’s first birthday and he is yet again in the hospital with what appears to be the worst bout of SVT yet.  Mckmama tweets (using Twitter, if you don’t know what this is, I’m sorry I’m not the one to explain it) every couple of hours from the hospital about Stellan’s status and things have just not been good, she described it earlier today as a roller coaster.  Her current tweet is:

Stellan’s sleeping in my arms, stable, just needing a little blow by. The sounds in the PICU you would not want to hear. Jesus be near them!

Yes, her little boy still lives while parents around them have lost their children today, I can’t imagine being in those shoes.  Please go and read this blog if you have time, and  please join me in prayer for this family and this little boy on his birthday.  Tonight I will hold all 4 of my healthy babies a little closer and a little longer and try not to take for granted all that we have been blessed with.

Good night and enjoy B4 looking mismatched and stylish.


One thought on “My Heart is Truly Breaking for this Family

  1. Casey – we both share a heavy heart about Stellan tonight – and even though CJ is sick, this is nothing, nothing compared to what is happening to her and around her.

    And, oh my stars, if little miss doesn’t look like B2 in this picture, I don’t know who does!!!

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