All Hallows’ Eve Eve or a Full Moon?

This morning started pretty normal for the most part, but the day slowly revealed something was off.  I’ve had to get creative with my route to work due to the tunnel construction at work.  My trip takes me through part of a country club and a high dollar sub-division.  I was met close to work by a road closed sign and had to turn right.  Great, I’m in this sub-division and have no clue where I’m going.  What do we normally do in this situation?  Follow the car in front of me.  I get to the next stop sign and try to turn left to get back on the road toward work.  ROAD CLOSED.  Guess I’ll go straight.  Wow, these houses look familiar.  Oh wait, I’m on the right road, what?  Apparently that road makes a big loop, then I just felt dumb.

I had a meeting on campus later on in the day and was so focused on work that I had a mental lapse that tomorrow is Halloween.  You see some strange things on a college campus anyway so I wasn’t too concerned when I saw someone dressed like a bear, a ballerina and a princess.  Yes they were guys….

*Short break* When my brother was a freshman in college we all went up to see one of his football games.  My dad and I went and looked at his car that had broked down in a student parking lot.  It was 9:00am and dead.  I heard a strange sound that sounded like a skateboard.  Sure enough, there is someone on a sakteboard coming down the hill in the parking lot, wearing a gorilla suit and holding a bannana. 9:00am on a Saturday, no one around…..

Anyway, I get to the meeting and listen to someone complain for an hour.  There were some other strange things that went on at work today, but I want get into the employee weirdness.

Meanwhile at home where there is never a dull moment strangeness ensued as well.  B1 used some great lotion before school that grandpa had gotten for him at the health fair earlier this week.  Long story short B1’s pencil slipped out of his hand, hit B2 and knocked his pencil out too.  Putting eyes out with pencils.

Casey also got her favorite person at Lowe’s Foods who messed her order up, didn’t call and say she would be late and was always her chipper self.

All that to say it was a strange day.  Did you have anything strange or weird to happen to you today?

I leave this picture for my dad who went to Colorado to go hunting and came back empty handed!


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