Who Are All These Kids Anyway?

Today was such a busy, but enjoyable day.  This morning I was able to spend some time with some very special women, we had great conversation, we celebrated two birthdays, and we ate Molten Chocolate Cake!  It was nice to have some time away from home and to just relax and spend some time with adults.  If you’re all reading this, thanks it was just what I needed.

This evening we spent some time with family.  I’m not going to spend too much time talking about this controversial holiday, I’ll say that we did let our kids dress up and walk around to the neighbors houses and leave it at that.  But before that we made our rounds to the relatives houses.

Let me set the scene.  Two white mini-vans arrive in your driveway and, in a flash your peaceful house becomes a circus.  3 candy crazed kids, 2 temperamental toddlers, and 2 innocent infants invade.  We did manage to capture a group photo.


But, it’s only fair to show you this one too, taken about 2 seconds before the first one.


So how did two couples who, just a few years ago were content with the three children between them, end up as a party of eleven?  Not sure how we got here (okay I kinda know how we got here), but I do know that as hectic as it can be it’s a whole lot of fun too!  I think family it great, and I think that a big family is the best.

Luckily I managed to capture a few photos of the B’s before the night ended in a sweaty, sugar filled, tired mess.

b1knightB1 as a knight in shining armor, notice the authintic knight pose.

b2cowboyB2 as a cowboy, wished I could have photo-shopped him a rope.

b4dragonB4 as a dragon, (he had a great growl).

b4flowerAnd last but not least, our B4 as an adorable flower.

allb'sThe Whole Crew

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