Mind Dump Monday – I'm Like Totally An 80's/90's Child

First of all thank you all for the birthday wishes.  I had a nice day with the family, David even took a 1/2 day today and cooked supper.  I learned today that I share my birthday with quite a few famous people the most interesting being Daniel Boone.  But unlike Daniel Boone, I like some of you, am a child of the 80’s and 90’s.  So how much do you remember about this time period, well here’s a little test I made up to help you find out.

1.  You wore any of the following:  biker shorts, flannel shirts, big fluffy socks, or pants that were rolled and tucked at the legs (5 points)

2.  You know what NKOTB stands for (5 points) (New Kids On the Block for all of you that aren’t in the know)

3.  You watched any of the following:  Punky Brewster, Sliver Spoons, or Saved By The Bell (5 points)

4.  You remember and/or played with any of these:  Simon, Atari, Cabbage Patch Kids, or My Little Pony (5 points)

5.  You know what a crimper is or you ever had a haircut that resembled a puffy mushroom (5 points)

6.  It took you years to stop saying like 2 to 3 times per sentence (5 points) You still say like 2 or 3 times per sentence (20 points)

7.  You have school pictures with any of these backgrounds (20 points)

8.  You owned a pair of acid washed jean (5 points) You owned a pair of acid washed jeans with decorative paint spatter (10 points)

Total Possible Points (75)  So how did you do?  What else do you remember about these fine years?  It may not have been the best years for fashion, music, etc. but it was my childhood and a pretty good one at that.


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