Mr. Personality

It is amazing how each child has a different personality.  B3 is piecing more words together and is starting to form his own personality.  The other day he crawled under the kitchen table and said, “Can’t get out”.  Casey said yes you can silly.  His response, “Just kidding”.

Casey told him today he had to be good if he wanted to go with Paw paw.  “I know momma, No whine no cry”.  We try to remember these cute times when he is going through his “Terrific Twos”.

Meanwhile, the past two days have been spent explaining to B2 why he should not call a certain little girl his “bride”, “love of my life” or girlfriend.

What’s going on with B1?  Nothing much.  How about him dropping this question before bedtime the other night.  I forget how he worded it, but it was pretty much asking what divorce was.  We had to turn to our seven year old explanations to try and get the point across on that one.

Just another fun couple of days in this household!


If I close my eyes you can’t see me.  right? RIGHT?!?  Oh, if it were that easy!

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