Thuds, Hoods, and Thumbs

Technically this is David’s night to post, but I’ll be stepping in for a quick post on what the B’s have been up to this week.  We’ve been busy bees (pardon the pun) here tonight, but I’m taking a break at the moment to get B4 to sleep.

B3 has been difficult to deal with during school this week.  He starts begging for a snack almost the moment we get started.  I decided to set the kitchen timer the other day and made him wait until it buzzed to get a snack.  He played quietly for ten minutes and when the buzzer went off he was ecstatic.  He jumped up and down clapping.  It reminds me that some things are just worth the wait.

A very common phrase in this house is “stop running” .  I heard the stampede yesterday as I was openng the dryer to get clothes out.   I begin “stop ru”, thud, yep B3 ran slap into the dryer door.  He was fine, and even laughed about it knocking him down.

We’ve been reading Robin Hood in school the last couple of weeks.  Do I even need to say what B1 is fascinated with.  Oh yes, he’s been wearing green all week and even signed his math test (B1 Hood) okay he didn’t actually put B1 he put his real name.  This begs the question, do I really want my kids to look at Robin Hood as a role model?    Oh and of course, B2 is Little John.

B4 has been smiley and happy.  She’s been taking great naps during school.  I’m desperately trying to deter her from sucking her thumb, we’ve never had a thumb sucker.

Hope you enjoyed the photos yesterday.  They are just a few of my all-time favorites.  The Hokey Pokey figurine was a mystery happening at mawmaw’s house a couple years ago.  No one knew how it got broken.

We have a busy weekend planned, ending with Friends and Family Day at church where B4 will be dedicated.  Hopefully we can share pictures soon.  That’s it for me tonight.  Have a great night and a wonderful Friday.b12,4

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