A Change is Gonna Come

Maybe you’ve heard it and maybe you haven’t.  Sam Cooke wrote a song in the late 60’s called “A Change is Gonna Come”.  It has been covered by a number of people since, including Gavin DeGraw in the past few years.  We have always heard there are two sure things in life, death and taxes.  I agree with that but, a third constant would have to be change.  Back to the song.

When I hear about an immenent change, that song always pops into my head.  The song and a book called “Who Moved The Cheese”.  We were all given that book at work one year before a lot of changes.  Funny how things like that stick with you.  I never knew the background of the song until I started to write this post.  I will admit I know absolutely nothing about Sam Cooke and thought Otis Redding was the original singer.  Anyway, Cooke wrote the song soon after losing his young son and as a reaction to the Civil Rights Movement happening at the time.

We do not have anything that earth shatering going on, but for us it is a pretty big deal. NO, No, no…..Casey is not pregnant!  I don’t think?  CASEY!  Just kidding.

Stay Tuned in the coming days to find out the big news.  Or you can get within shouting distance of B2…….


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