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The house is spotless…..for now.  Tomorrow our realtor is coming by to measure, take pictures and place a for sale sign in the yard.  We have been married for nine years and this will be the third house we’ve sold.  You could say our three houses have been prolonged flips that we have enjoyed buying low and selling high.  Working our way toward somewhere we could see ourselves for a really long time.  The first house we sold stayed on the market for 2 weeks, the second 1 month.  We have been told our location and the price of this house will be a perfect match for a fast sale.  We will see…

Someone asked me a while back what we were looking for in a house and I told them, a big house, on 100 acres of land and no neighbors.  So, what are your plans?  I think this idea came up almost jokingly and quickly became a serious consideration.  Not being the most traditional people in the world we truly started to pray and seek guidance in this decision.  After getting a peace about it and proceeding on working everything out on paper we have decided to buy in part  Casey’s parents house.  We will move in the house first then build an addition on it for her parents.  There are many reasons that we have chosen this option and it is going to be mutually beneficial for all of us.

Quick what was the first thing that popped into your head when you read that?  Casey and I have jokingly said people think it is going to be like that scene from Willy Wonka when Charlie opens the candy bar in front of his grandpa.  You see all four beds pushed together and everyone sleeping in a big room.

wonka003We will almost be doubling our living space and getting a lot of roaming room for the boys.  This could happen in two weeks or two months it all depends on our house being sold.  If you would, help us pray for everything going on and a smooth transition.  You will definitely here more about this in upcoming posts including the why, how and when.

CONTEST POST ***  How long do you think it will take to get a contract on the house? (Contract= Accepted offer from buyer)

I will go on record to say 10 days from tomorrow.

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