Tuesday Mind Dump

Time for another pouring out of short ideas.  Is anyone else surprised that I can piece together a full thought?

I stopped to get gas Monday morning and a nice gentleman pulled in behind me and started beeping his horn.  “Hey, hey your taking my gas!”  It’s Monday morning, and I’m still a little groggy.  He got out and explained that he parked, went in and got coffee and paid for his gas.  Then he proceeded to drive to “his” pump.  This place is packed on Monday mornings!  I had to show him my receipt after I finished to prove to him that I didn’t steal his gas.  What a way to start a week!

We had a great Friends and Family Day at church on Sunday!

Pray for B4, she is battling a cold.

We have the first couple coming to look at the house in the morning.  We had a realtor open house this morning and got very positive reviews of everything.

The weekend was filled with painting 2 rooms, a bathroom, hallway and the deck railings.  Whew.

Christmas deals.  I check http://www.dealnews.com everyday for deals.  (Mostly Electronics, but other stuff too) and of course http://www.woot.com

Casey’s power adapter went kaput last week.  Luckily it has a 1 year warranty, but we are back to sharing a laptop.

Rain, rain go away……

Sunday I heard about a family that ran into an escaped elephant with their car.  That is crazy.

Never good to have corn dogs and the breakfast corndogs (sausage wrapped in a pancake) in the freezer at the same time.  I fixed corndogs for the boys this morning.  B3 was the only one who ate them.


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